Five Bill Hader Sketches You Should Watch Right Now

It’s been a rough two days for Saturday Night Live. The show has been a great groove for the past couple of seasons, but as the sketches get better, their talet gets popular. And has their talent gets popular, they start to leave the show. Andy Samberg is gone. Kristen Wiig left last season. Now Seth Meyers has gotten his own late night show. Today comes the news that Bill Hader will be leaving the show after this season. Many of you know Bill Hader from Superbad, but he has had so many great performances on SNL. He can do so many impressions and brought us the lovable Stefon. Next week’s SNL with a performance from Kanye West will mark the last time we will Stefon for quite some time. Of course he will return, the question is when. To celebrate Hader’s departure, here are five sketches you should watch right now.

1. Best of Stefon

2. The Californians

3. Occupy Wall Street

4. What’s Up With That?

5. James Carville

What is your favorite Bill Hader sketch?


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