Mixtape Monday: Five Songs From Das Racist’s Sit Down, Man You Should Hear Right Now

It’s Mixtape Monday kids. You know what that means, a new mixtape. This Monday we are going to go back though. Back to a simpler time. Back to 2010. Although Das Racist may have broken up, the small imprint they made on hip-hop music will be reverberated for years. They were so funny, so irrelevant, so smart and so god damn crazy, that I don’t think we won’t see anything like them every again. Odd Future and Das Racist came up during the same time, but I always like Das Racist more. I always felt they had something to say, whereas Odd Future was crazy for crazys sake.

Das Racist was the brainchild of Himanshu Suri, Victor Vazquez and Ashok Kondabolu. Suri and Vazquez met while studying at Wesleyan College and Kondabolu joined when the two others met in Queens. They only made one album called Relax. I was not a huge fan of it. I liked how on their mixtapes they were more accessible and sample artists like Billy Joel. Relax is much more abstract, (kind of what Himanshu does in his solo career). Sit Down, Man was the apex of the trios talents. It fuses what was great about Shut Up, Dude and the abstract nature of Relax. Here are five songs you should hear off of Sit Down, Man. There is a download link for the mixtape beneath the list.

1. Das Racist- All Tan Everything

2. Das Racist- hahahahaha jk

3. Das Racist- People Are Strange

4. Das Racist- Rapping 2 U

5. Das Racist- Luv It Mayne (feat. Fat Tony & Bo. P)

Download here.

What are some of your favorite Das Racist songs?


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