Five Vampire Weekend Songs You Should Hear Right Now

Vampire Weekend was formed in 2006 at Columbia University. Although they were only college students at the time, their sound was ahead of the time. It was musically vintage, but had an electronic pop. Their self-titled debut album sold almost 500,000 albums and launched a new edition of the college indie rock movement.

Since their first album, they have done a lot of growing up. Several of the band members have launched side projects like Rostam Batmangli’s Discovery. Ezra Koenig, the group’s lead singer has been featured on songs with Chromeo, Major Lazer, The Very Best and Theophilus London.

Now on the precipice of their new album Modern Vampires of the City, the guys have launched a different sound with an interesting new marketing campaign. On February 4th, the band published a notice in The New York Times’ Lost and Found Section that simply said “Modern Vampires of the City, May 4th 2013.”

They have launched a summer tour and recently broadcast a new livestream concert directed by Steve Buscemi. Modern Vampires of the City comes out tomorrow, but here are five Vampire Weekend songs you should hear right now.

1. Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma 

2. Vampire Weekend- M79

3. Vampire Weekend- The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

4. Vampire Weekend- Giving Up the Gun

5. Vampire Weekend- Holiday


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