Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

1. Go See The Great GatsbyI don’t think The Great Gatsby will be a great movie, but it is culturally relevant so I’ll be seeing it anyway. The soundtrack should be good regardless.

2. Check Out Revival at FREECANDY- If you want to get your dance on go check out REVIVAL as it returns to FREECANDY. The line-up this Saturday includes legendary DJ Stretch Armstrong, Cosmo Baker and PQ. If you RSVP before 11:00 PM it’s only $5. After 11:00 PM it’s $10. To RSVP click here.

3. Eat Some Crawfish (For Cancer)- Crawfish are delicious and don’t you know it’s crawfish season. Why not eat the little buggers for charity? This Saturday at the Boat Basin Cafe, you can put up $105 and get all you can eat crawfish, sausage and booze. You heard me, BOOZE! For more information, click here.

4. Party at Mister Sunday- Mister Sunday returns to Gowanus Grove as Eamon Harkin Justin Carter serve as DJs spinning whatever you want. Of course you can buy alcohol there. Its $15 in advance to attend.

5. Hang Out With Your Mom- Sunday is mother’s day, so hang out with your mom. Go for a walk, buy her lunch, get her flowers, do something nice with her!

What are you doing this weekend? I’ll be in Cooperstown, NY.



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