Five Questions with Kaitlin Grady

Kaitlin Grady is a classicly trained cellist from North Carolina. Don’t let the bow fool you though, this girl rocks (hard). She’s part of the folk/indie pop group Saints Apollo and the experimental/psychedelic rock group The Once and Future Kings.

After just finishing Saints Apollo’s full-length album and at the precipice of the Hopscotch Music Festival, Kaitlin was able to join me for five questions, talking “orch-nerds,” opening for Big Boi(?!?!) and starting a band via Craigslist.

1. How did Saints Apollo come together? Is it easier to form bands nowadays?

Kaitlin Grady: Saints Apollo started as a duo who met at a local music meetup, and the rest of the band was added via Craigslist and mutual friends. I definitely have noticed that internet resources play a huge role in band formation, and social networking facilitates a lot of great musical connections. I would certainly feel far more removed from the local music scene if it weren’t for bands’ online presence via Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, and other mediums to musical networking.

2. I think your sound is really unique. It reminds of me The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons. I feel like that type of music is having a rebirth. Do you feel with the growth of electronica and EDM (electric dance music) bands are going back to their roots?

KG: What a flattering comparison! It definitely seems apparent that the acoustic folk/americana genre is making waves at the moment, and we’re stoked that’s the case because we’ve subsequently been really locally well-received. I’ve never drawn a correlation between EDM music and the indie folk scene – that’s an interesting thought. Our drummer, Andrew Fetch, could probably answer that question better than I could considering that his alter ego is DJ ROU-DEE ( No doubt that I’d love to hear a Saints Apollo dubstep remix.

3. I know your a classically trained cellist. Did you want to be in band like this? Or have you only recently wanted to be in a “rock n roll” band? Why? Have you always like music like this?

KG: Honestly, the thought never even crossed my mind that cellists could rock until I started listening to bands like Jump Little Children and the Avett Brothers (both from NC!) in high school. Once I realized that being in a rock band was a possibility for a classically-trained “orch dork,” I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. My first band was called Ghost Cats of the South, which was kind of lo-fi indie pop. I currently play with Saints Apollo and an experimental/surrealistic indie rock band called Once & Future Kings.

4. What is the bands summer plans?

KG: We’re Saints Apopping out a baby! Well…not exactly, but our lead singer IS expecting his first child, so we’ll be taking a summer performance hiatus. We’ve just finished up recording our first full-length album at K House Recording in downtown Raleigh and are looking forward to hearing the fruits of our labor! We’ll be releasing said album sometime early this summer, and we’ll be having a CD Release Party on Saturday, August 31 at Kings Barcade. We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ll be performing at this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival and opening for Big Boi (just kidding about that last part – or are we?).
5. How can people get in touch with the band?
KG: Be on the lookout for our first full-length album release (and Kickstarter) in the coming months. You can check out our tunes at & connect with us on Facebook or Twitter (@saintsapollo).

To listen to some of Saints Apollos (awesome) music, listen to this song below.


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