Five Returning Summer Shows You Should Be Excited For

Yesterday I wrote about five new shows debuting this summer, today let’s look at some returning shows. I did say that networks use the summer to try out shows that might not work in the fall and spring. But sometimes, they are perfectly suited for the summer season.

There isn’t a lot of original programming in the summer, so networks can give shows time to breath and become something special. In the last 7 years there have been several shows that have really found a place in the summer.

Here are five returning shows your should be excited for this summer.

1. Breaking Bad (Premieres August 11, AMC 10:00 PM)

The Breaking Bad finale season may be the most anticipated television event this year besides Arrested Development returning to development. Walter White will be returning as the “man who knocks,” on August 11th. There are no trailers yet, do we really need one? All seems to be well in White’s life until Hank decides to use the bathroom and realizes his brother-in-law is the Heisenberg he’s been looking for. Above is an hour long interview conducted with the Breaking Bad cast. It’s conducted by Conan O’Brien. Awesome.

2. The Newsroom (Premieres July 11, HBO 10:00 PM)

Season 1 of The Newsroom was met with mixed reviews. I thought it was interesting from a journalist perspective to see how Aaron Sorkin approached the news world. It’s weird that show lags behind the present. Sorkin is able to present these events with a bit of cynicism because he knows what happens. I for one was very uncomfortable with the Osama Bin Laden episode. I am excited what it is in store for season 2 however.

3. True Blood (Premieres June 16, HBO 9:00 PM)

True Blood is the premiere summer show. Catapulting on the vampire fad a few years ago, it was a huge hit, filled with sex, blood and more sex. Last year we saw the development of factions in the vampire world along Bill becoming some sort of bloody vampire god. This year there are some more guest stars including Rutger Hauer and Anna Camp. There will only be 10 episodes though due to Anna Paquin’s pregnancy.

4. Arrested Development (Premieres May 26, Netflix 12:00 AM)

As I said earlier Arrested Development is the most anticipated show this summer besides Breaking Bad. Arrested Development may be returning from a while ago, but it hasn’t lost any steam. People still watch this show all the time and it never gets old. When it was on Fox Arrested Development was known for a lot of guest stars which will be the same on the reboot. Also go check out the banana stand as it goes across the country. Above is a trailer to a fan made documentary about the show you can buy for $3.99.

5. Dexter (Premieres June 30, Showtime 9:00 PM)

Similar to True Blood, Dexter really found itself in the summer. And along with Weeds, put Showtime on the map for original programming. It lagged for a few seasons after the Trinity Killer, but was great last year as Deb found out about Dexter’s extracurricular activities. And with La Guerta putting the pieces together, the final season should be great.

What are you excited for this summer?


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