5Takeaways from Survivor: Caramoan

Last week we had two immunity challenges and two tribal councils. We saw the departure of Reynold and a major blindside by targeting mastermind Andrea. We only have six contestants left; Dawn, Sherri, Brenda, Cochran, Eddie and Erik. They have been on the island for 35 days and it’s taking a toll. In last night’s episode the remaining survivors got some much needed salvation.

1. Everyone is getting a little antsy and crazy.

A few weeks ago we saw Dawn (who I intensely hate), lost her dentures and had a major meltdown. Brenda came to her aid and dived into the water retrieving the lost dentures. From then on they had some “weird” bond. This week it’s Erk’s turn to go nuts. Before even the credits roll, Erik explains that this is his70th day participating in Survivor. I think he embellishes this number a little bit, because the 70 days were separated. Erik was in Survivor: Micronesia, which was in 2007. So, the 25 days are 6 years apart.

Anyway, Erik says that his 35th day is the “hardest day” so far on the island. He “needs food,” he explains, he feels like “he’s in prison.” He is completely “miserable.” At one point he starts to climb what has to be a 30 foot coconut tree and says that the coconuts are yelling at him, “you can’t get us.” He is completely nuts. He doesn’t end up getting the coconuts but it’s clear that Erik needs some sort of food or nourishment. Luckily, some much need food and love is coming shortly for are all the survivors.

2. Family is here!

At the tail end of every survivor season, the families of the contestants come to the island and participate in a reward challenge. Usually whoever wins the challenge is allowed to spend time with their family member for a night for the afternoon. The survivors are “surprised” to see their family members. It’s so crazy watching all the family members run to their survivors and watching them cry. Brenda’s father runs out causing Jeff Probst to actually tear up. Probst claims he’s never cried on the show before until then. Erik’s brother arrives, as does Dawn’s husband (she’s terrible), Eddie’s father, Sherri’s husband and Cochran’s mother.

The challenge involves a sort of mini-obstacle course. The pairs of contestants are told to unscrew three large wooden sticks and place them on a board. They then had to untie some “bolos” and throw them on to the sticks from a distance. Cochran and his 60-something mother have a really hard time with this as do Eddie and his father. The final teams in contention are Sherri and her husband, Dawn and her husband and Brenda and her husband. It’s really close with Sherri, Dawn and Brenda making getting two bolos on the board, but Brenda ends up winning.

3. Brenda has to make a difficult decision.

After Brenda and her father win the challenge, Jeff tells Brenda that she has won a BBQ with her father 50 yards off the beach. In addition to the BBQ, Probst says she can select on other survivor and their loved one to join her. Because Dawn and she have some weird relationship Brenda picked her. And then Probst gave her another choice. He hands her a video cell phone and shows her that another loved one of theirs is waiting on the BBQ barge. Brenda can either do the BBQ with Dawn or have the other four remaining survivors hang out with their families. Brenda does a very selfless move and says the other four contestants can enjoy the BBQ.

Dawn is extremely pissed. It’s actually her husband and hers 21st anniversary. While on the BBQ we meet the rest of the survivor’s families. For some reason CBS couldn’t afford a professional chef so Cochran’s father is manning the grill. Sherri is especially emotional to see her oldest son. Back on the island, Dawn can’t stop crying and freaking out. She really does not like it when people who are more “entitled” then her are successful. I would love to her while she was in high school. At the BBQ, the survivors are yelling out thank you to Dawn and Brenda. If I were them, I wouldn’t want the people partying to yell at me.

4. The immunity challenge is both important and challenge.

The immunity challenge this week has the contestants holding onto a handle connected to a rope behind their backs while leaning off a dock. After time 15 minute time interval Probst loosens the rope, putting them closer to the water. It is pretty important for Eddie to win this challenge. It is amazing he is still on the show at this point and every week he thinks he’s going to leave the show. At this point, the alliance is clearly targeting Eddie. After 15 minutes Cochran begins to struggle and is the first one to fall in. After 25 minutes Eddie falls (uh oh). And then Erik and Sherri. That leaves Dawn and Brenda.

Best buddies Dawn and Brenda are the last ones to fall. Dawn asks Brenda is she will just let her win because she’s never won a challenge. Brenda doesn’t want to give up and eventually falls in. Back at camp, Cochran realizes that if Brenda continues on in the game she will have a leg up during the final vote. She has played the game really well up until now and her nice gesture won her a lot of points. Talking with Dawn, Cochran discusses not going after Eddie and instead going for Brenda. Before they leave for tribal council, it is still up in the air whom is going home.

5. We should just accept that Tribal Council is insane this year.

At Tribal Council it is still unsure who is going home. Probst talks to Eddie about how he is still in the game. Eddie says, “I’ve felt the pressure since day 1.” It is an easy vote for Eddie, explains Cochran, but sometimes the easy vote isn’t the smartest vote. When it comes time for the vote. Brenda gets three votes, Eddie receives two and Erik gets one (from Eddie, he obviously has no idea what’s going on). Brenda is crushed. She tells them, “I was honest and genuine with you guys.” Before she leaves she says, “It hurts.”

This Sunday is the finale! Yee Yee Yee!


2 responses to “5Takeaways from Survivor: Caramoan

  1. Eddie hasn’t had a clue all season as to what’s going on. I felt so bad for Brenda. That was the saddest final words ever! Poor thing, but I guess that’s the game. I just wish they would have let her know beforehand.

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