The Five Things You Need To Know Today (May 8)

Fmr. Senator Mark Sanford Elected Governor of South Carolina- The former South Carolina Senator who claimed he was on the “Appalachian trail,” while he was actually visiting a mistress in South America was elected Governor of the same state yesterday in a special election.

Container Ship Crashes Into Italian Port- An Italian container ship crashed into a 50 meter control tower killing six people, while three people are missing. Investigations are being made into faulty mechanical work of the container ship.

Internet Outages Reported in Syria- As the Civil War continues to rock Syria, reports of Internet outages came out of Syria yesterday. The government said the outages are from faulty wiring, while opposition takes the outages as an ominous sign.

Carrie Underwood is the new Sunday Night Football singer- When Faith Hill departed as Sunday Football’s voice, it wasn’t clear who would replace her. Now it is. American Idol winner and country music star Carrie Underwood will now sing the intro song.

Tom Cruise Signs on Mission Impossible 5– The action star will continue with his action franchise by making Mission Impossible 5. Christopher McQuarrie is set to direct. The last Mission Impossible made $700 million.


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