Five Beatles Songs You Should Hear Right Now

The Beatles last album released Let it Be, came out 43 years ago today, so I figured why not compile five songs from their exhaustive song catalog. Seems like a daunting task.

The Beatles are for sure the band of all time (obviously), but I feel like they are underrated sometimes. Their music was so influential and ahead of it’s time. So many generations of music fans still enjoy their music, even my cousin who is 10 years old, knows most of their lyrics. This will be tough, but here’s five Beatles songs you should hear right now.

1. The Beatles- Twist and Shout

Classic. Cue Ferris Bueller scene.

2. The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun

Spring is here.

3. The Beatles- Yesterday

My personal favorite Beatles song.

4. The Beatles- Two of Us

Just beautiful.

5. The Beatles- Let It Be

The end.

What is you favorite Beatles song?


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