Five Songs That SHOULD Be On The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

As much as I like artists creating original music, I feel like original songs for movie soundtracks don’t really work. The memorable movie soundtracks that I can think of on the top of my head are Garden State, I am Sam, The Big Chill or any Quentin Tarantino movie.

None of these soundtracks have original songs on them. I am Sam only features Beatles covers. So when I heard the “murderers row” of artists included on The Great Gatsby soundtrack I was less than enthused. Sometimes if you focus so hard on a particular task or theme, you end up producing something that isn’t of the highest quality.

The Great Gatsby soundtrack, executive produced by Jay-Z comes out today. And even though it includes Lana Del Ray, Jack White, GoonRock, Fergie, The xx, Q-Tip, Goyte and Florence and the Machine (among others) there isn’t one song I’ve enjoyed or liked.

It is only when you allow your mind to wander that you can create interesting, creative content. Why do you think you can come up with good ideas in the shower? It’s because your relaxing your mind and allow neurons to get to different areas in your brain.

I think it would have been more interesting to take songs from different eras and genres that are little know to create a musical mosaic. The Garden State soundtrack worked because it exposed new audiences to The Shins or little know songs by Simon and Garfunkel. With that in mind I decided to compose my own list of songs that SHOULD have been included on The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

1. Nothin’ But a Good Time- Poison (1988)

Great Gatsby 1988 version?

2. Strobe- Deadmau5 (2009)

No EDM on the soundtrack? Botch.

3. Only the Horses- Scissors Sisters (2012)


4. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems- Notorious B.I.G. (feat. Ma$e and Puff Daddy)

“Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems,” actually could be the definition of The Great Gatsby’s theme.

5. Cold War- Janelle Monae (2010)

Any Janelle Monae song would have worked because of her jazzy voice but I just like this one specifically.

What songs do you think should be included? Let me know in the comment…


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