Five Reality Shows You Should Watch This Summer

Summer movies are awesome, but they are expensive. On the hand, television is free.99. Original programming is pretty expensive for networks, especially in the summer when viewership is down anyway. Reality television can be boom in the summer however. They are great to watch casually on a weeknight when your exhausted from a day of work.

Some of the more popular reality shows have actually gotten their start in the summer in recent years. Jersey Shore was a summer show, so was Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Let’s take a look at five reality shows you should watch this summer.

1. The American Baking Competition (Premieres May 29, CBS 8/7 Central)

I’m a real sucker for cooking shows, especially when they are competition based. Top Chef is excellent. Chopped is pretty much a crack version of Top Chef. The American Baking Competition has a lot of promise, but there isn’t a TON you can do with baked goods. You can do cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pie and I can’t really think of anything else. But the show IS hosted by Jeff Foxworthy (excellent). This will certainly fill your reality sweet tooth.

2. Whodunnit? (Premieres June 23, ABC 9/8 Central)

From the creator of CSI, comes Whodunnit? a murder mystery reality show (yes, a murder mystery reality show). The show following 13 investigators solving different murders every week. At the end of the series an investigator will unmask the “Killer” winning $250,000. I’m not really sure how this show works yet. It reminds of the short lived The Mole, hosted by Anderson Cooper in the late 90s. But I’ll be watching!

3. The Hero (Premieres June 6, TNT 8/7 Central)

Somehow between The Rock filing 30,000 films this year, he had time to host his own reality show. The Hero pits nine individuals against each other as they compete in a series of tests, proving their physical, mental and moral strength (whatever that means). I did see a man climbing a bridge in the trailer, so that looks fun.

4. 72 Hours (Premieres June 6, TNT 9/8 Central)

Rounding out TNT’s, “action-reality” show block is 72 Hours. Reminding me a little bit of The Amazing Race, 72 Hours, pits teams of three trying to find $100,000 in a briefcase in a remote part of the world. All the teams get are a GPS device and a bottle of water. TNT tried a show like this last summer called The Great Escape, but it failed miserably. I think this has some promise though.

5. Princess Long Island (Premieres June 2, Bravo 9/8 Central)

This could be good. If you want to feel better about yourself, you should watch this show. Follow Long Island 20-somethings as they forced to move back in with their parents (awesome). I think that’s all the description you need.


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