5Takeaways from Dancing with the Stars

Andy Dick is gone. I will really miss him. He really has gotten a bad rap in recent years. It seems like he used his time on DWTS to rehab his image and was successful. We are now down to the final six, Ingo, Jacoby, Kellie, Zendaya, Sean and Ally.

As I’ve said before there are two clear tiers of contestants at this point. You have Zendaya, Ally, Kellie and Jacoby at the top, while Sean and Ingo are at the bottom. This week there was no unique theme to the dances, but they did have a “Trio Dance.” After their individual dances, the contestant picked an extra pro to dance with. Here are 5Takeaways from last night’s episode.

1. Zendaya was awesome one again.

Even though Kellie may be scoring a little bit better, I think Zendaya has the best chance at winning the whole competition. During rehearsals, Val says Zendaya needs to get more “competitive.” For their first dance, Zendaya and Val perform the Foxtrot to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Zendaya looks awesome, in a full-length dress, and is almost a mirror image to Val. The judges loved it. Len said, “it was a pretty dance, the farther you go, the stronger you get,” while Carrie thought the beginning was a little weak. Zendaya scored at 28 for her first dance, receiving a 10 from Len.

For her second dance, Zendaya picked Gleb as her extra pro for the Salsa. This dance was especially great. They were perfectly in tune, and allowed Zendaya to be the star of the show and the dance looked like a music video. Len thought the “three of them worked together great.” Carrie agreed and thought she was “queen of the salsa.” Bruno stood up and freaked out saying she was “dazzling”. Zendaya got our first PERFECT SCORE for her performance.

2. Jacoby may be making a turn for greatness.

I feel like Jacoby has been slipping in recent weeks. While Zendaya, Kellie and Ally have been soaring, Jacoby has been sputtering in one place. This week, Jacoby turned a corner. His mother is becoming the star of the show also. During rehearsals she is hanging out with the duo talking about how proud she is over her “baby.” You can tell Jacoby is focusing much harder. Jacoby and Karina perform the Viennese Waltz to James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World.” He really looks great. Although he is still pigeon toed, you can tell that he’s concentrating much better and taking the dancing seriously. Carrie thought it was “stunning,” while Len, “loved it.” You could really hear what Bruno was saying because you could hear Jacoby’s mom yelling something. Jacoby received all nines.

For their trio dance, Jacoby selected Cheryl to perform the Paso Doble. The Paso Doble is really intense. He has a very serious face and the dance is really cool. The judges enjoyed it as well. Carrie thought the dance was “impressive,” Len thought Jacoby had “great presence,” and thought Jacoby had finally become a contender. Bruno said he, “splattered everything,” but “hips needed to be under” (whatever that means). For his trio dance, Jacoby received a 25.

3. Kellie did two really cool dances.

A major bugaboo for the judges recently has been Kellie’s personality. She’s been a great dance, but she’s almost “too happy.” She needs to show more emotions in her dances. During rehearsal, Derek says they can’t get too complacent. He asks Kellie who she would have one last dance with and she replies with her grandmother who she lost when she was 15. Then the tears start coming. Kellie and Derek dance a pretty boring Viennese Waltz to “Fade into You,” by Mazzy Star. Bruno calls her “Queen Kellie,” while Carrie says she, “definitely saw her go beyond the steps.” Len called the dance, “Sophisticated, and had effortless ease.” She received a 28 for her first dance.

For her trio dance, Kelllie chooses Tristan to accompany Derek and her. They try to connect the two dances together, bringing Kellie into an “alternate reality.” It’s hard changing Kellie’s attitude. Tristan describes it as “bring a kitty out of a lion.” The dance is pretty crazy and awesome. Bruno called it the, “highest of high drama,” while Carrie ACTUALLY hugged Kellie and said it, “took her breath away.” Len didn’t like it. He was “expecting something more.” Carrie and Bruno both gave Kellie a 10, while Len gave her a 7.

4. Ally is becoming a great performer.

Ally is really sweet. And when you’re competing in the Olympics this is a good thing, but when you need to perform the Argentine Tango, you need an attitude adjustment. Mark says that Ally needs to be a “harlot.” The rehearsals look really fun and Ally looks good. Dancing to “Reflejo de Luna” by El Alacran, Carrie says her “transformation is unbelieveable.” Len said the performance had, “mood, atmosphere,” while Bruno said he “had no idea that you could be so good at being bad.” Ally received the top scores this round with a 29.

For her trio round, Ally performed the Jive to “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles. It was good, albeit a little boring. Carrie loved what she saw, “someone who is confident” Carrie did say she was flat-footed though. Len thought it was a great performance. Bruno said she, “was so grown up, and able to play so many different characters. Ally got all 9s.

5. I’m not sure who is going home next.

It is clear that Sean and Ingo are the bottom two. Even though they bring great fun and personality to their dances, their technique is usually off. Sean and Peta performed the Tango first and received a 28 and got a 21 for their trio round. Ingo and Kim got 24s for both their dances. I think some people may think that Sean is going home this week, but I think Ingo is going home. Sean has the full strength of Bachelor nation behind him.

Until next week!


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