The Five Things You Need To Know Today (May 6)

Syrian Rebels Using Chemical Weapons?- A UN Spokesperson said yesterday that the Syrian rebels have been using the chemical weapon, sarin gas in their civil war. The spokesperson said she wasn’t surprised of this development due to the influx of foreign soldiers. Syrian rebels have denied any use of chemical weapons.

14 Dead After Bangladeshi Clashes- Half a million Islamists took to the streets in Bangladesh on Sunday and rioted with paramilitary troops. According to the national news agency, 14 people are dead and 75 are wounded. The government has declared no public rallies or gatherings on Monday.

YouTube Launching Paid Subscriptions Channel- First it was ads, now its subscriptions. The service expected to be rolled out early next week will include 50 YouTube channels for $1.99 a month. Later this month, YouTube will roll out a la carte options and pay-per-view options.

90% of Parents Multitask While Driving- Even though teenagers are given a bad rap with texting and driving, a new study revealed 90 percent of parents multitask while driving. This includes talking on the phone, texting or changing CDs and DVDs.

Orb Wins the Kentucky Derby- In this years “Running of the Roses,” Orb won the 139th Kentucky Derby. Orb was followed by Golden Soul and Revolutionary.



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