Five Awesome Songs/Videos Released This Week

Where Monday through Thursday I’ll be focusing on with an artist/theme/genre of music, Fridays are for posting songs you might have missed in new releases.

1. Chance the Rapper- Favorite Song (feat. Childish Gambino)

I posted Chance the Rapper’s “Good Ass Intro” last week but with the release of Acid Rap, I couldn’t resist posting another song. The Andre 3000/Childish Gambino hybrid, Chance the Rapper is being billed as the “next great thing.” Here he teams up with Gambino for my “favorite song” on the mixtape.

2. Daft Punk- Contact (feat. DJ Falcon)

Here is an early version of the “supposed” new songs from Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories.

3. Busta Rhymes- Twerk It

Produced by Pharrell, Busta Rhymes returns after a long absence with a new club track, “Twerk It.”

4. Vampire Weekend- Ya Hey

Vampire Weekend has been super busy these days between going on Easter marches with Steve Buscemi, livestreaming concerts and doing overall promotion of their new album. Here the guys premiere the new “lyric video” to their song “Ya Hey” off Modern Vampires of the City.

5. Tame Impala- Prototype

Australian indie group Tame Impala covered Outkast’s “Prototype” on an Australian radio station recently, with awesome results.




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