Five Throwback Songs From the 70s You Should Hear Right Now

By the time the 60s were over, everyone needed an excuse to party. Hey, the 60s were stressful. You had assassinations, wars and a whole host of other issues. The 70s came to fruition with disco, dance music and the real birth of modern rock and roll music. This was when Led Zeppelin was most active. The Who were able to find their sound and The Grateful Dead found new legions of fan.

Here are “Five Songs Throwback Songs From the 70s You Should Hear Right Now.”

1 The Grateful Dead- Ripple (1970)

Let’s start in 1970 with “Ripple” by The Grateful Dead. The Dead has been around for five years previously, but with the release of “American Beauty,” they really made their mark and decided on a distinct sound. “American Beauty” almost reads like a “Best of” of the Dead’s catalog with “Box of Rain,” “Sugar Magnolia,” “Friend of the Devil,” and “Truckin.”

2. Marvin Gaye- Got to Give it Up (1977)

As I said, the 70s were much for fun, or at least the latter part was. Marvin Gaye began the decade with the political “What’s Going On,” but ended with the funk/disco classic “Got to Give it Up.” Made immortal in the film Boogie Nights, I can’t listen to this song with a smile on my face or wanting to be poolside with a cool drink.

3. The Talking Heads- Pyscho Killer(1977)

Believe it or, The Talking Heads actually formed in the 70s. Their sound was way ahead of it’s time. In their debut album, “Talking Heads/77”, the showcase what the music of the next decade (80s) will sound like. A lot of people (including myself) thought this song was written about the “Summer of Sam” killer, but it wasn’t. It is The Talking Heads “signature hit” however.

4. Steve Miller Band- Jet Airliner (1977)

Steve Mille Band has so many awesome songs, it was hard to pick just one. Representing the “corporate rock,” bands of the 1970s, I think Steve Miller Band just gets a hard time. They were clearly talented. How else would we know so many of their songs?

5. The Spinners- I’ll Be Around

Even though Motown music found it’s groove during the 60s, it still had a place in the 70s. It was infused with a little more funk, but it was still fun and omnipresent. The Spinners “I’ll Be Around,” is a great example of how Motown adapted to the 70s.


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