The Five Things You Need To Know Today (May 1)

US Considering Support for Syrian Rebels- After the White House admitted Syria has used chemical weapons in it’s Civil War, President Obama is considering supplying weapons to Syria’s armed opposition. The decision would be a major policy shift for the Obama administration.

Microsoft Introduces Skype for Internet Browser- Even though Google was ahead of the game with Google Talk, Microsoft will soon introduce Skype services for it’s Outlook email program.

Consumer Confidence Grows in April- The Conference Board’s sentiment index rose 68.1 exceeding the highest estimate from a board of Bloomberg economists. Home prices in 20 cites grew 9.3 percent in February from the same month in 2012, the biggest increase since 2006.

Webby Award Winners Announced- The 17th annual Webby Awards, highlight achieving on the Internet were awarded yesterday. The winners included, Frank Ocean, Jerry Seinfeld, the Onion,, Grimes and Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe.

Tim McGraw Sued- Country music star Tim McGraw has been sued by his formed record label Curb Records for copyright infringement. The Record label alleges McGraw recorded his new album while he was still with them.


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