Five Arrested Development Episodes You Should Watch Right Now

We are less than a month away from perhaps the most anticipated event in television this year, the return of Arrested Development. The only thing I can think of that people might be as equal excited for is the last half of the Breaking Bad series.

For those who need an update on the current sitch, the new Arrested Development episodes will premiere May 26th on the internet streaming service Netlfix. There will be 15 episodes. Each episode will feature an individual character from the show’s main cast. This will (hopefully) lead to an Arrested Development movie that will include the cast in it’s entirety.

And there will be plenty of guest stars to fill the void of Lindsay and Tobias not not sharing a bed together, or the non-sexual tension not present between Maeyb and George Michael. So far series regular guest stars, Henry Winkler, Carl Weathers, Liza Minelli, Ben Stiller, Kristin Wiig and Scott Baio have been announced. In addition, John Slattery, Seth Rogen, John Krasinski, Conan O’Brien, Terry Crews and the Workaholics guys will all be featured.

To further prepare you though, I have compiled five episodes you need to watch before the new “season” starts.

1. Bring Up Buster (Season 1)

George Bluth gets upset that his son George Michael Bluth would rather try out for the play (to get closer to his cousin) rather than make cornballs and take their annual bike ride to Balboa Island. While George Michael is participating in the play (directed by Tobias), George Michael takes a more hands on approach with his brother Buster.

Buster begins to quickly forget about his mothers and goes on cursing tirades, until he goes “too close to the sun” on his bicycle. We also get introduced to the excellent Steve Holt and Tobias thinking that George Michael is in fact gay (when he isn’t).

2. Missing Kitty (Season 1)


3. Burning Love (Season 2)

George Michael’s new girlfriend Anne is a Christian fundamentalist who wants to have a bonfire with heretic albums. While George Michael goes around the house looking for something to burn, while Michael goes to the country club auction bid on Sally Sitwell (played by Christine Taylor).

Tobias, trying to feel more manly tries to get the bounty from a wolf that has been loose in the Southern California area. Lindsay, dressed in a fur coat ends up getting shot by television show star (and gun enthusiast Moses Taylor). At the auction, Lindsay is still loopy from the tranquilizer, but Tobias quickly bids $5,000 on his wife.

4. The Sword of Destiny (Season 2)

My personal favorite episode of Arrested Development has Gob trying to get back into the magicians alliance. He uses Buster in his plan, by having him as the “real” magician, while Gob is the “assistant.” Ben Still makes an awesome appearance as a David Copperfield and is able to pull a Chanukah out of his body.

5. S.O.B.s (Seas0n 3)

It was clear by season 3 that Arrested Development was done as a show. Even though it had won multiple awards and garnered critical acclaim, no one was watching. This episode features a satire version of a “Save our Bluths” fundraiser to try and raise money for George Sr.’s trial.

There are multiple shout outs to other channels to save the show such as the “Home Buildings Organization,” but as we have seen nothing worked out, until now, with Netflix.


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