5Takeaways from Dancing with the Stars (Latin Night)

Victor is gone. Tear. Not really. Victor kind of sucked. He might have had a really good personality, but his technique was terrible. And his relationship with Lindsay? Super sketchy. This week was Latin Night, which apparently means the ladies wear basically no clothing and the men are bare-chested. For the first time ever, the pair with the highest score would receive immunity, while the remaining pairs would be in a “Dance Off.” Whoever won the dance would get an addition three points to their score.

Here are 5Takeaways from last night’s episode:

Kellie, Zendaya and Ally are still dominating the show

Surprise, surprise, Kellie, Zendaya and Ally had the best score yet again this week. It looked as if Kellie might have had a down week judging from the rehearsals. She had three concerts all over the country this week and she brought her new best friend Derek around for the ride. Performing the Samba to Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon,” Kellie looked great. The dance looked really rehearsed and she did it in high heels to boot. Impressive. The judges enjoyed it as well. Carrie said she, “see perfection, but sometimes find her to lack emotional content. Bruno did some weird contortion with hips yelling that, “You shook my bon bons!” Len said it was, “hot and spicy,” “clean and crisp.” Kellie got a 29, with only Carrie giving her a 9.

Mark almost didn’t perform during Ally and his performance. He went to a hospital early in rehearsals with his dopey fedora of course, and the doctor said he had either sprained his neck or hurt a disc in his lower back. Ally practiced the rest of the week with another dance Henry, but she didn’t need Henry. Mark absolutely killed. Besides the fact they didn’t do any lift, the dance was really fun. Ally received her first 10s and got a 29 in total. Len was only the one not to give her a 10.

We may have seen the end of Andy.

I really like Andy. Besides Zendaya (who again I can’t believe she is on the show) I am most excited to see him dance. He brings such personality to his dances; it’s just unfortunate his technique is horrible. This week wasn’t different. His partner Sharna kept telling him he needed to get more sexual. They tried to work on a lot of basic technique. Andy kept getting upset that people were calling him a “non-dancer.” But his dance did seem better. I really like the story they told with their dance, but the judges seemed to be getting tired of his act.

Carrie said, “You really touch us with your dances, but we are getting serious now. You can’t forget about the dancing part of this competition.” Len used some world play and said it was, “more erratic than erotic. I like the fun and entertainment, I needed more movement.” Bruno was also serious, explaining, “it was a tough call, you took a classic dance and ruined it.” Andy got his lowest score of the completion a 5,6 and a 5, combining for an 18.

Ingo is getting a little better, (but Jacoby is still the best guy).

I haven’t talked a lot about Ingo because he is just so boring. He is an actor in a soap on ABC, but besides that he brings nothing to the table. Although the judges really liked Ingo’s dance last week, this week, not so much. Dancing to “Maria, Maria” by Santana, Ingo didn’t start well and kept flailing his arms out.

Bruno said, (quite comically actually) “They hips don’t lie, but in your case I wish they had, you really lost your timing.” Carrie thought his, “form was fine, but missed the fluidity and sensuality lacked. Your thinking too much.” Len agreed comparing him to the Lakers (sports reference!), “Lot of content, the lines were good, but it was a difficult dance. It was good, not great. That being said, his scores weren’t terrible. He received a 7,8 and a 7, combining for a 22. He is clearly losing ground on everyone.

I think the greatest “celebrity” besides the dancers at this point has to be Jacoby’s mother. When Len starts to critique Jacoby’s performances, you can always here her shouting from the other side of the room, praising her son. What a great mother!

Sean is just Sean

Sean is so blah. He is like Ingo, but ABC gives him more screen time because they will be airing his wedding. Sean has been continually called a lumberjack because he is so wooden in his dance moves that they actually brought in Catherine (his fiancée). Sean was going to be performing the Rumba, an especially sexual dance, so he needed all the moves that were possible. The plan actually seemed to work! Sean looked really good and had much more musicality.

The judges agreed. Carrie said she was, “very impressed” and had a “seductive look.” Len, “didn’t disagree,” but still saw Sean as “wooden” and felt his hands “kept flapping.” Bruno saw him as a “vision in gray, and the musicality was much better, but sometimes your buns stuck out.” Sean got his highest combined score of the competition, a 24.

The dance offs were a great idea.

I don’t know why they hadn’t done this before. Kellie ended up getting the highest score, so the remaining pairs got to participate in a dance off. It was pretty crazy for the pairs because they had to learn an additional three dances this week if they had to be in the dance-off.

The teams with higher scores got to choose who they got to face. Poor Andy. Of course, Ally chose to face him and it was pretty much a David vs. Goliath situation. Performing the Cha-Cha, Ally received unanimous votes from the judges and got the three extra points.

Then it got interesting. Zendaya and Val picked to face Jacoby and Karina. This was much more evenly matched. Jacoby picked her best dance, the Jive, and it was really fun to see them dancing side to side. But in the end, Zendaya won unanimously of course.

Then it was battle of the lumberjacks. Sean and Peta versus Ingo and Kim. The teams danced to “Apologize” by OneRepublic. This time it was a bit more interesting. Carrie and Len voted Ingo, while Bruno voted for Sean.

Till’ next week!


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