The Five Things You Need To Know Today

Barges Explode in Mobile, Alabama- Early Thursday morning, huge fire was sent ablaze as two barges crashed in each other. So far three people have been injured and are in a local hospital with severe burns.

European Commissions Details Googles’ Proposed Rules- After the EC began an investigation in Google’s anticompetitive practices throughout Europe, the commission has detailed various concessions the search giant needs to make. They include, labeling its own services in search results, showing services from rivals close by and letting special services block Google from using their own content.

Yahoo! Enters the Streaming Video World- Yahoo! has acquired the rights to all Saturday Night Live clips from 1975 to 2012 as of September. Right now, the rights to clips are held by Hulu.

Jon Hamm Set to Host ESPYs- Even though the ESPYs may be the most irrelevant award show, they finally have relevant host in Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm. A Kansas City sport fan himself, Hamm is actually best buddies with ubercolumnist Bill Simmons. Usually the hosting duties have been doled out to comedians like Jimmy Kimmel or Seth Meyers.

NFL Draft Tonight- Thousands of delighted football fans (and a few disgruntled Jets fans) will enter Radio City to watch their favorite team pick the future. The festivities start at 8 P.M. and can be seen on ESPN or NFL Network.


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