Five Throwback Songs From the 60s You Should Hear Right Now

The 60s were such a great period for music. You had bubblegum pop bridging the divide to what we know now as rock and rock. You had the British Invasion. And in the background you had one of the most tumultuous decades in American history. JFK and MLK Jr. were both assassinated. We finally reached the moon. The Civil Right Act was passed by LBJ. So much going on.

Here are five throwback songs from the 60s you should hear right now:

1. The Zombies- She’s Not There (1964)

You may know The Zombies from “Time of the Season,” but this song is super underrated. It’s also super creepy.

2. The Human Beinz– Nobody But Me (1967)

Originally written by The Isley Brothers (just figured this out 5 seconds ago), this track bridges the gap between 60s rock and roll and psychedelic rock, that gained traction in the early 1970s . The Office also did a great intro to an episode with this song.

3. The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows (1966)

Even before The Beatles went to India in 1968, it was clear they were trying to experiment with new songs. Full of screeches and just overall racket “Tomorrow Never Knows” is really awesome and was featured in an episode of Mad Men last season. It’s the last track of their legendary Revolver album.

4. The Association- Windy (1967)

I think this song might encapsulate everything about music in the 60s. It is every part bubblegum/rock/psychedelic. I originally saw this song in an episode of Breaking Bad last year. Gotta love the flute.

5. The Beach Boys- God Only Knows (1966)

Paul McCartney once said that “God Only Knows,” is the only song he wishes he had written. Number 1 on Pitchfork’s Top 200 Songs of the 60s, “God Only Knows,” might be a perfect song. It’s simple, short and you can completely understand the lyrics. Brian Wilson is a genius.



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