Five Takeaways from Survivor: Caramoan

Last week saw one of the most insane tribal councils in Survivor history. Phillip got voted off and Dawn had a nervous breakdown. This week Malcolm has to deal with the aftermath of his move from the previous week. The “Three Amigos” no longer have three immunity idols and it is up to them to try and corral new alliance members from the alliance formally known as Stealth R Us.

Here are Five Takeaways from last night’s episode.

Dawn is becoming a huge bitch.

I don’t know if Dawn was bullied as a girl, was that uncool girl in high school and college, but she has such a vendetta against the “Three Amigos.” Sure, Eddie, Reynolds and Malcolm have a physical advantage and are good-looking but the same could be said for people in her own alliance. Andrea is a great looking girl who is truly running things behind the scenes. Cochran has self-appointed himself as a “challenge monster” (more on that later) and Erik is no slouch.

Survivor is a strange game. In the beginning you want to vote of the weakest members of your tribe. You vote the strongest members you can win more immunity challenges and have more numbers once the tribes merge. Once the merge occurs though, you want to vote of the strongest members of the tribe so they don’t win the individual immunity challenges. In the end then, Survivor awards mediocrity. And Dawn might be the most mediocre person in Survivor this season. She is by no means strong, but not the weakest. She isn’t the oldest, but isn’t the youngest. I think her vengeance for the “Three Amigos” will come back to bite her. In scenes from the next episode you already see her alliance trying to target here.

Survivor Auction Time!

Last night was my favorite reward challenge in Survivor. They do it every year, but it is always exciting. Each remaining Survivor is given $500 and can bid on various food items. At this point, the Survivors are wasting away living on water, rice and beans. At the auction you see how far these people have really fallen. The first item is a beer with nuts and pretzels. Probst says whoever bids $20 first wins. Malcolm wins it. The second item is a mystery box. Reynolds bids $180 for the item. Then Probst brings out two other mystery boxes telling Reynolds he can choose either box instead. Reynolds keeps the original box, which ends up being a slice of pizza, while the other boxes contain the rest of the pizza and a rotten coconut, Sherri spends $500 on the rest of the pizza.

The next item is a roasted chicken which is quickly snatched up by Dawn for $500 (awesome buy). Next is another mystery box which Andrea spends $280 on. The item ends up being spaghetti and meatballs with a glass of wine. Probst offers her a bag of rice and beans, if she trades the Italian dish. Andrea does. Malcolm spends the rest of his money on a clue showing him where the immunity idol is located. Cochran spends $340 on an advantage in the next challenge, and Brenda spends $300 on a pig brain (accidentally). In the end, Survivors can spend $20 each on a letter from loved ones. Many of the Survivors have already spent their money so only Reynolds, Andrea, Brenda and Cochran get letters.

The immunity challenge did not fare well for the Three Amigos.

This week’s Immunity Challenge had the Survivors holding onto a rope attached to a totem pole. On the rope were knots. After every 30 minutes the Survivors would have to put their hands lower on the rope, so that they would eventually run out of knots. Cochran’s advantage in this challenge was that he got a “two knot advantage.” This meant at anytime he could use this advantage to go up to knots while the other Survivors might just be holding rope, with nothing their fist. This was a really tough challenge.

After 25 minutes, Brenda and Erik lose hold and are out. After 25 minutes, Sherri, Malcolm, Andrea, Dawn and Reynolds all out, leaving Cochran and Eddie. Since Eddie is holding on to just straight rope and Cochran still has a knot, Eddie lets go. Cochran wins. This does not fare well for the Three Amigos. Malcolm tried to find the immunity idol, but then Andrea follows him to the spot and sits on a stump watching him, waiting for him to start digging. Malcolm realizes he was able to find two immunity idols accidentally, but can’t find this one even though he has a clue. HOW IRONIC!

Cochran is getting to be pretty full of himself.

Cochran has been pretty quiet for the first 29 days of the competition, but as the tribe is getting smaller, his true colors are coming out. I didn’t watch his original season, but apparently he was pretty useless to his tribe. He says that after every challenge his tribe members would yell at him about trying harder in the challenges. Now he is a “challenge monster” he tells the camera. Slow your role, Cochran. He has won a few immunity challenges this season, but think about it. You don’t need any strength to eat gross bugs and insects and he had a huge advantage in this week’s challenge. I don’t think he is as strong as he thinks he is.

In terms of voting, the Three Amigos are trying to get Sherri and Erik on their side to vote for Andrea. Sherri believes that she is the key to both alliances’ plans. Pretty much whatever side she votes with is going to “win” this week. As they go to tribal council it is pretty unclear who is going home.

The Three Amigos demise is closer than we know

At Tribal Council it is pretty clear who the dividing groups. When it is time to vote there is a tie of three votes between Reynolds, Andrea and Malcolm. This means that there has to be a revote, and Reynolds, Andrea and Malcolm. Malcolm ends up getting all the votes, even EDDIE votes for Malcolm. Weird I know. Could Eddie by trying to align himself with the Favorites so he has one more week on the island? All I know is this Reynolds is in deep trouble. He needs to become the “challenge monster” that Cochran has self-appointed himself to.

Until next week!


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