Five Ghost Shows You Should Watch At Least Once

I don’t know how this happened or what network executives were thinking, but weekday viewing has become pretty sparse. Sure you have The Office (which is ending), Parks and Recreation (I have no idea when there is a new episode), hour-long dramas tailored towards women airing on ABC and about a million Law and Order and NCIS spinoffs. The weekend is a completely different story, besides Friday and Saturday night, Sunday has become a night where this about 5 hours of must-watch television squeezed into 3 hours.

You have The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, Games of Thrones, Mad Men, and Veep. If your like me, if it is a nightmare setting you DVR this night, making sure you record what you want. But there is hope during the weekdays to watch programming. Lately, I have been getting into ghost shows. I know your thinking, WTF? But, they are pretty fun to watch. It’s funny seeing people like these people actually exist. And, there are so many different incarnations of ghost shows. They can really fill up your schedule.

Here are five ghost shows you should watch at least once.

1. Ghost Adventures (Airs on the Travel Channel, Fridays 9 pm Eastern)

Starring Zak (with no “c” or “h” of course), Nick and Aaron, Ghost Adventures details the trios travels scouring the continental United States looking for paranormal activity. They claim they travel in barebones crew but why is the production value of most shows so high? I personally affectionately call the show “Ghost Bros” as trio looks like a rejected cast from a Jersey Shore spinoff.

Zak wears Ed Hardy shits pretty much every episode and wears JNCO jeans as well. The show may not be great thematically, but its enjoyable to crack jokes at what these people say and do (Note: this will be a theme throughout this post.)

2. The Haunted Collector (Airs on SyFy, Wednesday 8 pm Eastern)

Ok, so I actually legit like this show. The Haunted Collector details the travels of John Zaffis and his paranormal investigator team. Instead of seeking out paranormal activity, people actually come to them with paranormal problem in their own houses. Zaffis and his team will test “objects” for paranormal activity and sometimes will remove them, bring the item back to their museum in Connecticut.

I like this show because it usually gives a detailed history of the objects they find. You learn about some pretty crazy things that used to be around in the 1900s such as a “Baby Bank” or different types of drugs. YouTube offers these shows on their site for $1.99.

3. Deep South Paranormal (Airs on SyFy, Wednesday 10 pm Eastern)

Rounding out SyFy’s paranormal Wednesday block is the new series Deep South Paranormal. The show is exactly what the title says; you follow around a group of southern hillbillies trying to uncover mysteries about the forgotten deep south. Some of the cast includes, Hart Fortenberry “the Godfather,” Benny Read “The Joker” and Keith Ramsey “The Rocker.” This show is so absurd that like short lived Buckwild you sometimes need subtitles to understand what these people are saying.

The Godfather is great. He carries around this weird walking stick and actually makes Voodoo dolls. There isn’t just ghost hunting though. You are completely immersed in their world. You watch them hunt, play practical jokes on each other, have sing-a-longs and eat frog’s heads.

4. Ghost Hunters (Airs on SyFy, Wednesday at 9 pm Eastern)

Ghost Hunters is the original investigative paranormal show and it actually premiered in 2004. Following Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from The American Paranormal Society (TAPS) is your typical ghost hunting where you follow the team as they uncover paranormal mysteries. Not much to say here although they did spur this South Park parody

5. Mysteries at the Museum (Airs on The Travel Channel, Thursday at 9 PM Eastern)

Although not truly a “Ghost Show,” Mysteries at the Museum” is still fun. You follow Don Wildman as he travels from museum to museum trying to uncover various museums. It is creepy, weird and great to make fun of.



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