The Five Things You Need To Know Today

Charges Dropped in Ricin Letters Case- Although a Mississippi Elvis impersonator had been charged with sending ricin soaked letters President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker. At the same time, Police searched the home of another Mississippi man Everett Dutschke. No charges were brought against him however.

Senator Max Baucus Will Not Seek Re-Election- Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus announced yesterday that he will not seek a seventh term. Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Baucus, told the Associated Press in a phone interview, “I don’t want to die here with my boots on. There is life beyond Congress.”

Bangladesh Dhaka building collapses- At least 80 people are dead and many more are feared trapped as an 8 story building on the outskirts of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka collapsed yesterday. Rescue workers have already found 300 people, but more are feared to be trapped.

Apple’s WWDC Set’s Date- Apple announced today it will hold it’s Worldwide Development Conference from June 10-14 in San Francisco Calif. Tickets cost $1,599 each. Here’s hoping for an iPhone 5S announcement.

Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee Join Cannes Jury- This year’s Cannes jury is truly star studded as Jury President Steven Spielberg he as selected Ang Lee, Nicole Kidman and Christolph Waltz among others to join the legendary director. The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 15-26.


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