5Takeaways from Dancing with the Stars

Last week saw D.L. Hughley leave and the first 10s awarded to Zendaya. This week was “Stevie Wonder Week.” I was under the impression that Stevie Wonder would perform his songs while the pairs danced, but I was wrong. He came out for two songs and then disappeared never to be heard from again. We also had our first group dance, where the pairs were divided into groups and danced together. The points they received for this dance were added on to their individual scores.

Here are #5Takeaways from last night’s Dancing with the Stars:

 We are beginning to see the cream rise to the top

At this point it is clear that Zendaya, Kellie and Ally are the best dancers, where Sean, Victor, Andy and Ingo are relegated to the bottom. Zendaya was first to go this week, and she killed it. Performing the Cha-Cha to “Do, I Do” by Stevie Wonder (obviously), Len said that “Zendaya sums up everything about great dancing” and her dance had “snap, crackle and pop.” Carrie mirrored Len’s comments by saying, “You blow me away and set the tone for the show. You are perfection in motion. Zendaya scored a 29, once again falling short of a perfect 30. Again, someone needs to explain to me why she is on this show.

Ally Raisman was an emotional wreck this week. A Boston native herself, she had a hard time learning the dance as she was supposed to be at the Boston Marathon (not really sure what that means) but Mark was able to snap her out of the funk. Dancing to “Isn’t She Lovely,” Ally was super really smooth during her Foxtrot and looked like she was having a really good time. Len said, “that he technique needed a little bit of work, whereas Bruno, said she was “pretty as a picture.” Ally received 9s from all the judges, adding up to a 27.

Zendaya wasn’t the only dancer to get 10s

After Kellie Pickler and Derek’s issues last week, I was hoping to see some more fighting this week, but they were pretty civil. Kellie said that she enjoys watching Derek messing him up because it gives her more ammunition when he criticizes her. That being said, they have a really nice working relationship. Dancing the quickstep to “Part-Time Lover,” Pickler came out in a total 80s pant suit dress with hair extensions.

I found the dance to be kind of boring, but the judges loved it. Carrie thought there was too much space between them during their “holds” but Len and Bruno disagreed. Bruno said that, “even the pros lose that space and her dance was traditional while exciting.” Len agreed with Bruno’s assessment, “It was the best dance all season, it is impossible to dance at that speed and not lose space.” The usual coy Len with Bruno awarded 10s to Kellie, while Carrie gave her a 9. Kellie got a combined score of 29.

Jacoby is falling behind the pack

Even though I really Jacoby and am always excited to see him perform, I sometimes think he doesn’t take the competition seriously. Last week the judges told him he really needed to work on his pigeon feet (when you feet stick inwards). The movement may benefit while on the football field, but it is not becoming on the dance floor. During rehearsals, Jacoby really struggles with his foot placement, eventually giving up. Performing the Quickstep to Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life,” Jacoby tries to get the crowd involved.

Jacoby and Karina dance right into the audience to a thunderous applause, but the judges did not seem to enjoy as much as the crowd does. All Bruno can say is he “enjoyed it.” Carrie says that the “the dance really did not suit him well because of the footwork,” but Jacoby surprises her by how much she enjoys his performances. Len likened the performance to The Beatles, that had him starting with “Please, Please Me,” but ending with “Help!,” Jacoby got 8s from both Carrie and Bruno, but only a 7 from Len. It wasn’t his worst score of the competition however.

The Group Dance was an awesome wrinkle

Because the contest group is getting smaller and ABC still needs to fill two hours of content, the last 20 minutes was dedicated to two group dances. Performing the Paso Doble (comprised of Victor, Ingo, Zendaya, and Jacoby), Team 1 did terribly. Zendaya was the only one to know what she was doing. All the men had their shirts off (to distract people from their dance moves), and were doing separate things with no coordination. The judges agreed, and they received a 22. The 22 points are added to their cumulative score from their individual dance.

Team 2 was really great. Comprised of Kellie, Ally, Andy and Sean it looked like they were having a really good time. Dressed in roller derby garb, the group danced the Samba to “Superstition.” I don’t know if it was because of the lack of men’s chests or if the audience knew the song, but it was really fun watching this group perform. Len said he had fun and it was a pleasure to watch, while Bruno likened the performance to a Boogie Nights reunion. Carrie thought the group worked together in perfect unity. Team 2 received a combined score of 29.

I’m not really sure who is getting voted off this week

As I mentioned early the cream has clearly risen to the top and at this point there are 2 (or maybe 3) divisions. At the top you have Kellie, Ally and Zendaya. In the middle you have Jacoby with his pigeon feet and at the bottom you have Ingo, Andy, Sean and Victor. Ingo may have the technique down well, but his footwork is shady. Sean works tremendously hard, but as Bruno put it, looks “like a lumberjack” and has no musicality in his performances.

On the other hand, Andy may not be the best technical dancer, but at least he is having a really good time and tries hard. Victor doesn’t even seem like he cares. After his dance, he talks to Brooke and says he loves Lindsay (his partner) trying to quell some of their relationship rumors. Brooke says, “Does that make it official?” Victor then says nothing else. We still don’t know if they are dating. I think Victor will be the next to go though. He doesn’t have ABC behind him as Ingo and Sean do, and I think Andy is truly beloved by the fans at this point for his wacky performances. Victor brings nothing to the table.


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