The Five Things You Need To Know Today (Earth Day)

FBI Investigators Broaden Investigations into Boston Bombings- Although Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19 is in critical conditions in a Boston hospital, FBI investigators have started to really pinpoint the timeline of what happened last Monday. Authorities recognize that the two bombers acted on their own, but are inquiring whether they had any help from outside groups and pressuring the Russian government for more information.

Shootings in Seattle Suburb- Late Sunday night, police responded to shots fired in an apartment complex in the Seattle suburb, Federal Way. Police arrived at the scene two find two wounded men in the Pinewood Apartments. Once in the apartment complex, Police discovered five dead; four men and one woman.

Today is Earth Day- Go for a walk, plant some trees, flowers or vegetables. Do something outside! Or check out this cool Google Doodle.

Al Michaels and Reese Witherspoon Arrested on Suspected DUI- Friday night, NBC football announcer Al Michaels and on Saturday afternoon, Reese Witherspoon were arrested for suspected DUI. Al Michaels registered a blood-alcohol level .08 above the legal limit and the results of Reese Witherspoon’s was not released. Witherspoon was still able to attend the premiere of her new movie Mud in New York City.

Jets’ Darrelle Revis Traded to Bucs-New Yorks Jets’ defensive superstar Darrell Revis was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday. Upon the deal’s completion, Revis signed a new six year deal worth $96 million. The Jets’ received the 13th pick in this weeks NFL draft and a conditional pick in next years draft.


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