Five My Morning Jacket Songs You Should Hear Right Now

My Morning Jacket is my favorite American band right now. Hailing from Kentucky, the group plays a style of alternative country mixed with rock and roll. It is almost like if The Allman Brothers Band formed fifteen years ago and was influenced by jam bands of the past along with soul/R&B/jazz music.

Since announcing a tour with Bob Dylan and Wilco (more on that later today), I decided to highlight some of my favorite songs by them.

My Morning Jacket- Tyrone (2004)

Let’s start with this. Originally by Erykah Badu, this song showcases Jim James’ (the lead singer) ability to transform songs into his own. Great for hot summer nights or even just relaxing, let My Morning Jacket lull you into the zone.

My Morning Jacket- Off the Record (2005)

Probably their most famous song, “Off the Record” blends reggae and rock perfectly.

My Morning Jacket- One Big Holiday feat. Kirk Hammett (Live)

Imagine yourself at Bonnaroo 2008, in the pouring rain, listening to your favorite band tear shit up. Then imagine, Kirk Hammett, guitarist of Metallica coming on stage to join them in closing their first set. This is not hard for me to imagine, as I was there. GREAT CONCERT MOMENT OF MY LIFE. Note: Zach Galifianakis came on stage later that night dressed as Little Red Riding Hood to sing, “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue. Magical night.

My Morning Jacket- Phone Went West (Live)

“Phone Went West” is My Morning Jackets ultimate love ballad. I like the live version much more than the studio one. At Red Rocks, they band kills it.

My Morning Jacket- Celebration (Live)

One of the most fun parts about seeing My Morning Jacket is their love of random soul songs. At any show your likely to hear Kool & the Gang, James Brown or The Isley Brothers. At their Boston NYE show in 2013, they had to do some “celebrating.”





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