Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Check Out the Tribeca Film Festival- The 11th Annual Tribeca Film Festival opened on Wednesday and goes until the 29th. The event includes films, short films and even video games. For the complete schedule of the Festival, click here.

Watch Some Basketball- The NBA’s “second season” starts tomorrow, as for about 2 months we will see who can compete with the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Will we see a rematch of last years’ Finals. I think so.

Go to Record Store Day- Remember records? Those are those things that don’t come from a computer, and have to be played on record player. On April 20th, record stores all over the country will be holding special event and some artists have produced specials compilations for the day. Some stores even have special performances. To see what’s going in your area, click here.

Go to Coachella- It is in California, but hey what’s money. All you gotta do is hop on a plane, find tickets, reserve a hotel and party your ass off all weekend. It has the same performers as last weekend, but I’m sure there are some more surprises in store.

Go see Oblivion– If you have nothing else to do, why not go see Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman make fools of themselves.

Have a nice weekend!


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