5Takeaways from Survivor: Caramoan

On last week’s episode we saw Malcolm try a huge power move in targeting Andrea, but in the end thought Stealth R Us was after him, so he asked Reynold for his immunity necklace which Reynold complied. However, Andrea seeing that she was the target, decided to play it safe and vote out Michael who became the first member of the jury.

Here are 5Takeaways from this week’s Survivor: Caramoan:

Dawn may be losing her marbles

Last week we saw Dawn trying to the turn the tables of Malcolm on his alliance. This week, we saw the beginning of a mental breakdown. On Day 26, we see Cochran beginning to target Dawn because he sees her starting to break down. We then quickly here screams from Dawn at the dock yelling for someone. Brenda comes to her aid and Dawn explains she recently got “punched” in the mouth while walking around in Boston and needed to get a retainer for her bottom row of teeth. While swimming, I guess the retainer came loose and wants Brenda find it.

Dawn between tears screams, “she doesn’t want anyone, else to know” and that “she will pull herself from the game if she can’t find it.” Brenda finds it, but Dawn’s craziness continues. After the reward challenge, Andrea and Phillip (leaders of Stealth R Us) agree that Dawn is in paranoia, and starts to talk about voting her off. Phillip wants Dawn to “act like she normally does,” and after a good night’s sleep, she believe is back to her normal stuff. The talk about voting her off ends as they being targeting Malcolm once again.

The Reward Challenge looked pretty intense

Like most Reward Challenge’s at this point of the game, the remaining Survivors are separated into two teams. During the challenge, team members have to cross a few balancing beams and then slide into a mud pile where they need to recover 6 bunches of balls. Once one bag is collected (or however many bags they want) participants slide under a beam covered by rice. Once all team members have completed the challenge you need to untie the bags and throw the twelve balls in a basket.

Team Purple comprised of Reynold, Erik, Dawn, Cochran and Phillip gets off to a really quick start, while Team Orange (Eddie, Malcolm, Sherri, Andrea and Brenda) take a very different tactic. Instead of each member unearthing a bag of balls, Malcolm is charged with finding all the balls, leaving them out for other team members while Team Purple finds their bags of balls individually. Team Purple’s tactics work. Even before Team Orange is able to untie their bags of balls, Team Purple wins. It doesn’t help that Sherri is extremely slow and takes the longest to get across the balance beams.

Phillip is starting to get on everyone’s nerves

The reward for Team Purple is that they are brought to a resort where there is a pool, an outdoor shower with soap and a huge platter of food. Team Purple cannot be happier to have the reward. Cochran self describes himself as a “challenge monster,” Dawn stops being crazy for a second, but Phillip continues to show his disregard for everyone. When everyone else first showers before entering the pool, Phillip actually jump in naked, (yes, naked) creating a dirty cloud of grossness around him. Erik actually says, “I’m sick of having him around him.”

And then when the immunity challenge starts, Phillips hubris is even more present. Just because part of the challenge requires you to swim under the water, Phillip refuses to participate. He says it because of an incident he had as a young boy, but I think it was just because he knew he wasn’t going home because of as a leader of “Stealth R Us,” why would he? Probst gives Phillip a hard time, but it doesn’t make a difference, he still sits out.

Immunity has become extremely important (duh)

In this week’s immunity challenge, the remaining Survivors were divided into two heats. Two players from each heat would then run in a final heat to win immunity. Participants had to run to the end of a platform, jump in the water, pull themselves out of the water and then run to the end of the platform to place a ring on a rung. In the first heat you had to do this twice. The final heat which included five rings (!), consisted of Brenda, Andrea, Malcolm and Reynold. It is unfortunate that Phillip didn’t participating because Stealth R Us was targeting Reynold this episode and by allowing Malcolm and Reynold in the final heat, there was a 50% chance that Reynold would not be voted out.

Reynold wins immunity, which means that Reynold and Malcolm at this point both have immunity idols (even though everyone else doesn’t know Malcolm has a hidden immunity idol). Back at the beach Dawn and Andrea scour the island look for another idol, to guarantee their vote works out, but surprise, Malcolm finds another one! So now, Malcolm has two (!!!) immunity idols and Reynold has one. Still, Stealth R Us is going to split the votes for Malcolm and Eddie. Their thought being, even if Malcolm does play his idol, Eddie is the one to go. But, Stealth R Us STILL doesn’t know that Malcolm has two immunity idols.

This week’s tribal council was even more insane than last week

So we get to tribal council this week. If you can recall, Stealth R Us’ plan is to split the votes for Malcolm and Eddie (4 for Malcolm and 3 for Eddie) and we really don’t know what “The Three Amigo’s” plan is yet. When the time to start comes though, Malcolm takes out his first immunity and then takes out another to give to Eddie. Everyone is flabbergasted. Eddie looks like he has been given another life and can’t get the smile off his face. Stealth R Us begins scrambling and actually starts whispering to each other about who to vote for.

Malcolm then makes the announcement that the three of them will be voting for Phillip. Reynold explains, “This game is supposed to be fun, not supposed to be some military exercise that Phillip makes it out to be, he is a fun sponge.” Voting ends of course Malcolm and Eddie both play their idols. They recognize it’s a one week solution, but at least it gives them three more days to scheme. The votes are read and Malcolm get two votes for him, three votes for Eddie and BANG three votes for Phillip. And that’s it. Phillip is sour cream and donions.

Next week looks great. Malcolm and Reynold start trying to convince others to join their alliance and the Survivor Auction is the reward challenge. How fun!


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