Five Old School Hip Hop Songs You Should Hear Right Now

Souls of Mischief- 93 Til Infinity (1993)

Love this song, this pretty much the only hit from their debut album 93 til Infinity in 1993.

A Tribe Called Quest- Oh My God (1993)

This post could be completely full of Tribe Called Quest songs but this track is my favorite. I always say Tribe Called Quest music could be played at anytime. Whether your studying, partying or on a long road trip, their songs just work. Also, can you see the guest spot by Busta Rhymes? Look carefully.

Ex to the Next Girl- Gang Starr (1992)

Similar to Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr has tons of hits, but this beat is just bananas. And with women from the 90s? Who cannot love the this song? RIP Guru.

Express Yourself- N.W.A (1989)

MC Ren, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and DJ Yella. Do I need to say anything else? Oh yeah, don’t be another sequel.

That’s The Joint- Funky Four + One More (1981)

Formed in 1976, the Funky Four + One More was first hip-hop group to include a woman (that’s the One More).


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