5Takeaways from Dancing with the Stars

Thank god. Lisa Vanderpump is finally gone from the show. After her supposed “exhaustion,” Vanderpump was booted and the show is better for it. She was so negative and dragged down the whole competition.

This week the celebrities competed in “Len’s Side by Side Challenge.” The celebrity and their pro were paired with two other pros, dancing to the same song. For 15 seconds the teams would have to dance synchronized with the pro teams, showing the audience how far they had come and the judges how in sync they could. It also gave the celebrities a chance to have two more helping hands showing them what to do. Here are 5Takeaways from last night’s Dancing with the Stars.

 Victor Ortiz may be the next to go

Boxer Victor Ortiz has not had the best performances on the show so far. Last week when he danced the Pasa Doble to “We Will Rock You” by Queen, the judges said he destroyed it, instead of performing it. This week he did not fare any better. Upon hearing news during rehearsals of his girlfriend of one year was cheating on him, Ortiz did a quick workout to channel his anger. Ortiz and his pro Lindsay (who he is rumored to have a relationship with) were teamed with Tristan and Emma.

During his performance of the Viennese Waltz to “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS, Ortiz seemed a bit better, but his footwork had no real quickness. However, you could tell he was trying really hard. The judges saw his perseverance, leading Carrie to exclaim, “that was a victory, you channeled your emotions well and the dance was fluid.” Len said, “it was better than last week and Bruno was complementary saying, “your back in the game, you were erect and the timing was good.”

He had a combined score of 21, receiving sevens from all the judges.

The first 10s were awarded

Following a down week for Zendaya and Val the previous week, the team felt they had something to prove. Paired with Maks and Anna, the pair was charged with dancing to the Argentine Tango. Both Val and Zendaya admitted they had never danced the Argentine Tango before, and Zendaya appreciated the help from Anna in giving her a little a more edge to her performance.

Zendaya’s dances are always able to tell a story and last night’s dance was no different. Anna and Zendaya pretended to be “jewel thieves,” while Maks and Val were detectives on their trail. Dancing to “Discombobulate by Hans Zimmer,” Zendaya was good as always. She was completely synchronized with Anna and her performance was applauded by the judges.

Carrie said that, “your height makes you so good, you killed your thighs and every move has a story. Bruno mirrored Carrie’s complements by explaining, “You’re a lethal beauty, take me if you dare, your just as strong as Anna.” Len used once again one of his weird metaphors by comparing her to a lemon tart.

Zendaya received a combined score of 29, receiving 10s from both Carrie and Bruno, but only getting a 9 from Len.

Sean continues to climb the scoreboard

I don’t if it’s because it’s in ABC self-interest to keep Sean in the competition (they will be airing his wedding to Catherine) or his competitive drive, but Sean continues to get better and likeable each week in the competition. Paired with Tristan and Chelsie, Sean and Peta danced the Quickstep. Sean welcomed the help from Tristan and is always looking to improve. During rehearsals, we saw a lighter side of Sean as he copied everything Tristan did from wearing a pink t-shirt to copying his warm up routine.

When it came to the dance, I didn’t think Sean did as well as the judges thought he did. Dancing to “Go Get It” by Sepalo feat. Ladil, Sean seemed too rigid once again. He seems to focused on the dance moves and not on enjoying the moment.

Some of the judges agreed with me, but some thought this was his best performance so far. Bruno saw him as a “lumberjack,” but later in the performance saw him as a “swan,” and “had a great sense of humor.”

This week Sean got a combined score of 28, getting an 8 from each judge.

Andy Dick is a pleasure to watch

Even though Andy Dick might not be the best dancer I keep finding myself excited to watch him dance every week. Each performance is able to infuse humor as well as warmth that really rubs off well on the judges and the voting audience. He thought last week would be his last so he dedicated “Hallelujah” to his daughter, but he was back this week.

Besides D.L. this year, no comic has made this far in the competition and Dick knows this. Partnering with Sasha and Emma this week for the Pasa Doble, Dick is excited to get started and really takes to Sasha’s advice.

During the performance, Dick enters on a zipline (yes, a zip line) dressed as Zoro. This is where the excitement ends however. Dancing to “The Plaza of Execution” by James Horner, Dick was too slow with his footwork and did not really do much of anything else besides playing with his cape.

The judges did not have a lot to say. Bruno could only say the performance was “Indescribable,” (not in a good way), while Len said it was a “Hollywood blockbuster, that was more Pasadena than Pasa Doble,” and Carrie liked the entrance but felt, “the cape work was ok, and the rest of the performance fell apart.”

Dick got a combined score of 18, getting 6s from all three judges.

Jacoby might win the competition

Even though Alexandra, Kellie and Zendaya are setting the bar, Jacoby has a real chance to win the competition because of his great dance moves and his infectious attitude. Dancing the Jive this week, Jacoby thought he had some experience with dancing the “Skip” (a dance he thought similar) while growing up in New Orleans.

Dancing to “Long Tail Sally” by Little Richard with Maks and Anna, Jacoby

Did a great job by being competitive, quick and smooth, but also kept his hands down. He even jumped over his partner Karina at one point.

The judges loved his performance. Bruno compared Jacoby and Maks to “two stallions fighting for supremacy.” He had “great timing,” but needed Jacoby to “point his feet better.” Carrie echoed Bruno’s sentiments by saying Jacoby, “was flat-footed and pigeon-toed.” Len warned, “You’ll never get a 9 from me with those feet.”

Len followed through with his promise and gave him an 8 while the other judges awarded Jacoby will a 9, bringing his score to a 26.

Next week’s episode looks exciting as Stevie Wonder will be a guest star and all the pairs will have to dance to one of his songs. Watch tonight to see who gets voted off!


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