5Takeaways From Jurassic Park 3D

Last night I went to see Jurassic Park 3D, and besides the inordinate amount of children in our theatre and a bizarre amount of animated previews it was an awesome experience. Here are #5Takeaways from Jurassic Park 3D.

It holds up tremendously well

I remember when my father first got a subwoofer for a television system he would also show guests the scene in Jurassic Park when you first meet the Tyrannosaurus Rex and destroys the two cars holding the majority of the film’s stars. I still remember the shaking of our living room when you first see the T-Rex bouncing into the scene. I had the same sensation when watching the movie in the theatre. Even though I’ve seen the movie over twenty times, I still was afraid for the two children, hoping they would escape. I completely forgot that they get away OK.

jurassic park gif photo: Jurassic park gif Issoacho.gif

Same goes for other parts in the movie. For example, when Laura Dern successfully turns the power back on and she exclaims “Looks like we are back in business!” you completely forget that a Velociraptor is sneaking quietly behind her grabbing her with its talons. There are so many scenes like this. Scenes where you know what will happen, but you still jump out of your seat anyway. It’s truly a magical, theatre going experience.

You realize why going to the movies used to be an adventure

There are so many films that are remakes nowadays that it’s hard to remember a time, when a film wasn’t a comic book, TV show or just regular book before it was a film again. Sure Jurassic Park, was a (awesome) book written by Michael Crichton, but it was really one of the first films to introduce tremendous CGI technology. Steven Spielberg is also very careful when showing the dinosaurs. In the first scene, you see a group of workers transporting a crate when one of the workers get sucked into the cage. You never see what is in the cage.

The audience’s first glimpse at the dinosaurs is actually when Dr. Allen Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler (played by Sam Neil and Laura Dern) see them. Who can forget them quickly removing their glasses to see Brontosauruses, while on their initial tour? You never grow tired or weary of that scene as many times as you watch it, especially with John Williams’s booming soundtrack in the background.

There are some great supporting performances

You forget that the reason why the main characters are put in the predicament they are in is because of one soured employee of Dr. Hammond, played by Wayne Knight (Newmmmaaan). For a kingly sum of $1 million Knight is tasked with transporting dinosaur embryos. By deactivating the park’s security system, the electric fences go down, the phone system goes down, leading the Dr. Grant and Dr. Hammond’s grandchildren on a wild ride trying to reconnect with the others.

And how about an awesome performance by Samuel L. Jackson. Sure it is understated role as one of the Park’s technicians but he has one of the best one liners of the film and a quote that I definitely use for now on.


And BD Wong as the head biologist? Excellent. The Park’s attorney (played by Martin Ferroro) has an amazing role as well. Who can forget when the T-Rex makes the initial attack, he runs into the bathroom, only to be snatched up by the T-Rex while on his toilet seat. Also Bob Peck, as the Park’s game warden, besides wearing an amazing pair of khaki short shorts has truly memorable scene with Velicoraptor’s that ends with this untimely death.

The 3D really did not add much

I admit that I am much more into 3D than many critics. I think it can add a lot of wonderment and magic to movies, when theatergoers have actually seen everything nowadays. Especially in a film like Avatar, 3D adds a lot. But since Jurassic Park wasn’t filmed in 3D their really isn’t a scene or moment that truly benefits from the 3D action. But because the studio couldn’t just remaster and restore the film, a 3D element needed to be added.

It would have interesting if the T-Rex were to suddenly jump out to the crowd in 3D action or when Wayne Knight gets sprayed with black goo, the spray could be “directed” toward the audience. The way the movie was shot though, did not allow this to happen.

The film’s message is still relevant today

With Dr. Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff Goldblum) adherence to Game Theory, Jurassic Park 3D, is really movie about humans playing God. Even with all our technological advances and ability to clone animals, how do we know we can control these systems once they are produced. There are so many offshoots of this type of theme in modern cinema. Even in the film The Truman Show, Ed Harris thinks he can create a TV show out of a fake world but of course Jim Carrey discovers the world not be to true.

At one point over ice cream with Laura Dern, Dr. Hammond talks about going to see a “flea circus” as a child describing his mother telling him if he looked hard enough at the tightrope he would see the small insects traversing. Dr. Hammond admits he could never see it, but with Jurassic Park, he wanted people to see what others couldn’t see. These efforts were halted though, because he even realized you cannot create a fake world that has been extinct for millions of years.


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